Date: 13th May - 17th May 2008

Venue: Arndean Gallery, 23 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NJ

Jeroo Roy. Painter. Designer. Illustrator. Retired building contractor. (Yes! Building contractor!)

Inspirational. Powerful. Woman.

A former student of the JJ School of Art, Mumbai, and the London College of Printing, Jeroo initially worked as a designer for magazines as well as a children’s book illustrator. However, in 1982, she entered the building trade and became a maintenance builder. This she did for 6 years, juggling her painting and illustrating alongside it.

In 1988, she further established her building career by setting up her own building contract company. Trying to establish herself in what was already a competitive industry, let alone as a female contractor, meant she had to put her artistic life on the back burner. 2 years later, at the pinnacle of her career, she decided to retire from the building industry and concentrate on her painting again.

And what a return she has made, having held several successful exhibitions of her work, including showings of a profound collection of paintings which powerfully encapsulate violence against women and girls.

Her work has been exhibited at venues and events such as the Nehru Centre, London; the National Portrait Gallery, the International Conference on HRV (Honour Related Violence) in Stockholm, and at a similar conference at New Scotland Yard.

Jeroo currently lives in London.