Date: 30th March - 5th April 08

Venue: The Gallery, 27 Cork Street, London

Born in 1949, the award-winning Gurucharan Singh’s work often reflects the plight of the underprivileged, the social underclass, the invisible, the exploited.

His paintbrush holds up a light to dark and torrid lives that desperately cling onto the fringes of society. In his work, prostitutes, the poor and the dejected all take on a renewed vigour, sometimes in explosive unapologetic hues of blues and reds, other times in more sedate (but no less powerful) tones, always creating a vivid alternate reality. His work succeeds in expressing a variety of sentiments that are very poignant indeed.

Over the years, Gurucharan’s creations have been shown at the International Biennales in Cleveland, Tokyo and the Soviet Union, at the Contemporary Art Show in Seoul as well as Gallery 7 in Mumbai. He was also one of six artists who took part in the Festival of Contemporary Art in London’s Covent Garden.