Date: 2nd November to 13th Octber 2011

Venue: M P Birla Millenium Art Gallery, London

This show arranged by Visual art UK, at The Bhavan Centre aims, to provide visual treat to Shrinathji devotees. Artist Trilok Prakash Soni also points to pay a tribute to the genre of Pichawai painting tradition, his own family tradition of painting and none the less to Shrinathji.

An artist, who has carved a niche for himself in the realm of traditional genre, loves to re-embark on the Krishna imagery and flaunts this beloved God’s Shrinathji incarnation.

Trilok handles the traditional art of painting as a heritage. He adopted the tradition as handled by his father, a celebrated miniature painter himself, Shilp Guru Shri Badrin Lal Chitrakar.

As a young practitioner, Trilok got grip on painting in a varied stylistic manner. At his home he under went a hard core, extended training including a tough, long practice in material procuring-making and a rigorous practice at every stage of painting.         

Trilok’s forte lies in the Pichawai form of Krishna paintings, and he devotes much of his emphasis in depicting the same. Also the genus of Pichawai paintings that he has selected for himself is much different than the oeuvre of his father or other artists in his family. Though he has never undergone any academic training in painting, but the traditional techniques that he has learned in the workshop of his father and elder brothers have successfully shaped his current shape of art practice.   

Not experimenting with the aesthetics and traditional grammar of Pichawai paintings, he sometimes likes experimenting with the subject and compositional settings though. But his restrained intrusions have never played with the soul of Pichawai painting tradition.