About us

Founded in 1999, Visual Art, with its head office in London is an innovative gallery, which offers a window into the treasure trove of art both historical and contemporary, from across the Indian subcontinent, UK and the world. It celebrates the richness and diversity of creative arts in varied media, modes and manifestations. The eminent institution hosts a steady program of curated art exhibitions held at prestigious centers and platforms on the world stage and also organizes virtual shows on the web.


Visual Art is credited for honouring celebrated master artists while also supporting the young emerging talent. Through its extensive network of collectors, art institutions, artists, experts and partners in India and internationally including those in the UK, India, Europe, America, Middle and Far East, Visual Art follows an open door policy to facilitate innovation and promote art and aesthetics.


The gallery brings out high quality catalogues and publications. It also hosts talks; discussions and other associated events and initiatives to inform entertain and educate the public besides promoting the artists and their work more widely across geographical barriers. It offers consultancy to well-known businesses and corporate houses for their commercial and interior design projects besides advising and helping individuals to build their personalized art portfolios and collections.


With a track record of over 60 successful shows over the last 15 years, Visual Art plans to enlarge the scope of its work further and showcase new media art from Europe and the Far East at its centre in London and in countries overseas, jointly with partner organizations.