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  • Lal Bahadur Singh

    Lal Bahadur Singh born in Uttarpradesh in 1985. He studied art in the traditional Guru Shishya Parampara at his native place in Gazipur for three years before shifting his base to Delhi and doing his bachelor’s and then master’s degree in fine art from the College of Art in Delhi. An important member of the ‘Nishant Natya Manch’ theatre group, Lal Bahadur’s work in art and theatre, brings forth and communicates social messages through paintings and street plays. His work rotates around social concerns and speaks for the marginalised. His work has been exhibited in shows organised by several galleries and held across the city and beyond from where it has been picked up by descerning collectors. The artist lives and works in Delhi.

  • Laxma Goud

    Laxma Goud Kalal born 1940 in Andhra Pradesh, graduated with a diploma in drawing and painting from the Government School of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad and studied mural painting and printmaking at the M.S. University, Baroda. A brief stint as a textile designer, a series of commissioned murals and a period of teaching as the head of the art department at the university in Hyderabad are important landmarks in Laxma’s checkered career in the arts.

  • Laxman Pai

    Laxman Pai born in 1926at Margao in Goa, received his art education at Sir `JJ School of Art in Mumbai and received the prestigious Mayo Medal for his work. He headed the Govt. School of Art at Goa and is credited with having trained several well-known artists of today. His figurative paintings reflect the chance encounters and experiences of life and the society as he sees it. With bodies portrayed and faces in frontal profile his work appears to draw from ancient Egyptian sculptures while their bright colours seem influenced by Indian miniatures. His portriats and forms come rounded and defined with a touch of geometric patterns in vibrant hues. Marked for their detailed characteristics, bold palette and fine texture, the paintings add to the dramatics and intesity of the narrative.

  • M.F. Husain

    Maqbool Fida Hussain (1915- 2011) was born at Pandharpur in Maharashtra. Popularly known as MF Hussain, he is one of India’s world famous painters. He learnt the art of calligraphy and the Kulfic Khat and wrote poetry at a young age. Studied art briefly, first at the Indore Art College and then at Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai, where he worked on designing furniture and making toys as well as a billboard painter for cinema hoardings to sustain himself. It is this varied experience and rigor that endowed his work its special artistic oeuvre. There is a simplicity enshrined in the enigmatic style, vibrant colors and accessible imagery that this multi-faceted and special individual created in bold and quick brush strokes.

  • Mandira Naidoo

    Mandira Naidoo is a collage artist and graphic designer who creates extraordinary work using x-ray sheets and glossy magazine paper. Currently based in Bangalore, her creative journey truly started in 2001 when she decided to move away from the world of copywriting and follow her desire to pursue visual art. By 2004, she had graduated with a 3-year diploma in Graphic Design.

    Since then, she has exhibited her work at various galleries and spaces such as the ITC Windsor Sheraton and the KYNKYNY art gallery in Bangalore, the Nehru Centre in London, as well as several private collections in the UK, the US and India. She has also held joint exhibitions with her mother, the highly-skilled charcoal artist, Mini Naidoo.

Showing 37 - 48 of 86 items